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Mechanical Services

Field Machining Services  (FMS) :

Conmat’s onsite and in-place Field Machining Services (FMS) can help your lower costs, protect assets and provide a leak-free operation. Our comprehensive, proven Field Machining Services (FMS) allow you to modify and repair your piping, fitting, equipment, hardware or machinery onsite and in-place.
Advantages of Conmat’s Onsite FMS
Precision repairs can be made onsite and in-place
Minimum dismantling required
Compact tools, are applicable in tight, cramped locations
Multiple tools, sizes can be utilized on separate jobs simultaneously
Onsite repairs completed faster and cheaper than offsite repairs
Productivity is increased
Valve Repair Services (VRS)
  We can meet the following valve repair need:
In-service valve testing
Routine repairs during outages / turnarounds
On-site valve repair and testing
Shop repair and testing
Valve Asset Management Program
Full-service industrial engineering services
We utilize OEM parts and industry standards along with superior craftsmanship to rebuild valves that meet the most rigorous industry criteria. This commitment to excellence provides you with a cost-effective  means of keeping maintenance and repair costs down and turnaround time short.

State of the art portable grinding and lapping machines give accurately lapped seats and discs in less than a fraction of the time it would take by conventional methods. A team of highly skilled technicians with extensive expertise in the Oil & Gas, Power, Fertiliser and Petrochemical Industry.

We offer you the most up-to-date and advanced technical solutions for valve repair and production. It is our aim to offer unique products and support services. We know what downtime means to our customers. Hence, our Staff is prepared to answer your questions and find solutions to your individual problems at al times.
   Speciality Services
Hot Tap Services
Line Stop Services
In-Service Welding
Pipeline Repair and Rehab Services
Hydrocarbon Recovery & Tank Management Services
Mechanical Services
Well De-waxing Services
   Engineering &    Consultancy
Engineering & Consultancy Services
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