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Pipeline Fitting

The Hot Tap Fittings are full branch split tees designed for equipment tie-ins, lateral connections and line extensions with permanent full bore valve without shutdown. Our full-encirclement Hot Tap & Line Stop fittings are available in ANSI 150, 300, 600 and 900 Series from 4” through 60” sizes. Split sleeve fittings are also manufactured with side outlet with a weld neck flange for hot tapping..

The Line Stop Fitting are designed for pipeline relocations, lateral connections, line extensions, equipment tie-ins, linestop operations all without shutdown. They are used also for gas bag installations.

Line Stop Fittings are compatible with specific tapping and plugging equipment and are designed to carry the extra loads imposed during hot tapping and line stopping operations. All fittings can be designed to ASME/ANSI B31.8 (Gas Pipelines); B31.4 (Liquid Pipelines); B31.3 (Chemical Plants & Refineries); B31.1 (Power Plants)
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Pipeline Fitting
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