As for most of the fields oil is produced from sandstone formation where all components of crude oil are kept in equilibrium. Primary drive mechanism of production on field is a screw pump that lifts oil up the tubing to the surface. Oil recovery results in shifting equilibrium to the point where dissolved wax solidifies and drops out of oil.

Wax deposits on Tubing Walls, Thus creating following problems

  • Resistance to oil flow. Resistance to rod/shaft movement.
    Result : high torque on pump shaft and high amperage current on pump motor
  • Pump failure due to shaft/rod breaking.
    Result : expensive work over to fix it
  • Reduction of pump efficiency due to wax inside pump compression chambers. It happens when gas and wax go together. Wax deposit inside cause bad sealing and gas compresses and bounces back thru imperfect seal.
    Result : less production at given pump RPM.

Ultimate problem of dealing with wax is millions of dollars worth of losses of oil unproduced and remedial efforts. Less than half of all oil producers are endowed with wax-free oil, others are not so lucky.

We at Conmat provide you an environmentally safe de-waxing and paraffin removal process utilizing a proprietary wax removal formulation and methods.