Steel pipes are used for a number of purposes across a variety of industrial markets, such as the Petrochemical and Gas industry. Whether your steel pipes are used for transmitting liquids or gases inside your facility, or transmission and distribution pipelines that span the globe, your concern is making sure your pipes stay leak free and safe. The Carbon Seal system provides structural strengthening for your steel pipes, as well as protects them from corrosion.

Types of Strengthening

  • Increased Hoop Strength
  • Increased Bending Moment Over Unsupported Spans
  • Increased Leak Sealing
  • Increased Crack Confinement
  • Internal & External Corrosion Repairs
  • Abrasion Resistance at Elbows & Tees
  • Increased Durability

Types of Substrates

  • Straight Pipes
  • 90's
  • Weld Wraps
  • Tees and Elbows
  • Blind Flanges
  • Steel Risers